EcoCalendar 2019 project


A couple of months ago I decided to finally create an illustrated calendar (hurry!). So, I started thinking about the topic aaaand couldn’t be other but Nature. Wildlife and landscapes around the world are breathtaking but we know a very little part of them. That’s why I thought it could be interesting to give people the opportunity to travel around through my illustrations.

Page of the EcoCalendar. Alaska’s forest. Night camping.

At first, I started sketching some places I would like to draw. But I ended up creating a bigger project: I was going to create illustrations of landscapes and animals in life-danger to tell the people what are we missing.
From that honest thought the idea of printing it in an eco-friendly way was born. I did a long research of printhouses nearby who use recycled paper and vegetable based inks. Hard work!

Sloths from South America

When I discovered one that my budget could afford, I started talking about the project in social networks to ask people if they would be interested in getting one 🙂
Oh! Something I didn’t say yet is that I announced that 25% of the total benefits where going to be a donation for WWF to preserve the wildlife in the Arctic. That was the key to make people react and join my adventure!

Chocholwska Valley in Poland. Tatra mountains.

At the end, the project came real and all the matherials used were completely recyclable! Paper 100% recycled, ecofriendly inks, and just a vegetal rope to hang it on the wall. Also, the packaging for those that were going to be shipped abroad was kraft paper and rope and paper-based sticker.

If you want to see a bit more about the project and how it all started, please check my Instagram account and go to the highlight in my bio or use the hashtag #EcoCalendar2019 to reach all the posts! 🙂

Flamingos at Lake Nakuru in Kenya

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