Hvit. My little penguin and I

Hi there! How are you?
I’m Arantza, an illustrator in search of creative adventures.


I like to talk about my artwork as a way to share my point of view of the world we live in. I’m in love with Nature and I have a strong commitment to try to heal it a bit changing my daily life and habits. Reduced waste, zero plastics, reuse, recycle, handmade things, organic clothes, ecologycal products…
But, above all that, I’m trying to show people through my artwork how beautiful our planet is and how important it is to take care of it.
Also, I’d like to say that I’m kind of a good advisor on how to live in an eco-friendly way… Even though I still learning!

I’m in love with color blue, soft palets of colours, penguins, mountains, cold weather, outdoor sports and TRAVELLING.
I deeply believe the best way to know yourself and understand others is to travel around the globe and discover new an amazing corners with locals.

Want to join me in my adventure?

We can work together. There’s a lot of amazing things we can do!

If you feel like knowing a bit more, while drinking a cup of coffee or hot tea, you can check my work via


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